Friday, March 11, 2011

YouTube Blog: We want YOU-Tube: now hiring: "Nearly six years ago, YouTube was created to enable people to create, share and discover the world through video. Today, 35 hours of video i..."

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

d song dats make me miss em~

they just practice the day b4,but they make a splendid performance! i am really impressed... =)

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Brain laziness come when u forget about it..

Mostly, the same reason that people are not being open about themselves in giving opinion are because they wanted to be secured. For them, it hurts and sometimes it painful when somebody criticized our opinion. Be the MR and MISS No COMMENT seem easier than being the challenger for every man on earth; making no is a rite thing to do. Do you ever think so? As a result, life will be so peaceful without any argument or debate, but trust me this sense of being so comfortable is endangering your brain to suffer serious brain laziness. When come to this stage, even powerful medicine can purely cure this hard-core illness from growing and overwhelm. So this the time we will widen our awareness on the symptom of brain laziness and notice early precaution action that we can take into action.

Man with symptom of brain laziness will not try to solve unusual problem that for them to solve but, pointing their nail on others and blame for the problem that had just occurred. In everyday life, we always facing a problem. Whether the problem is self-generated or being created by others, the responsible thing to do is to solve it. Decision must be made and action should be taken which only man with healthy brain can fix it, I mean the man who clean from brain laziness. Making this kind of excuse seems avoid them from trouble. Without so many people realize, unusual problem that seldom come actually brings a new idea to surface. For an example a financial executive surprisingly announce in the meeting that the company is being predicted to have the critical cash flow for next three month, it is not the problem for the executive himself to solve it. It is the hole body in the organization's problems. This problem usually happened when over limit on expenses or management had overlook at the financial planning before. The more people involve faster the problem can be settle. Hopping on other to solve it will lead other problem to come.

On top of that, people with symptom of brain laziness just see problem without analyzing it. For an example we can see so many war in the world now days, how many of us really think about the problem and precisely think about again and again? Is it true nothing we can do, just express our pity is enough? Or the worst thing we just shun our face and continue our life pretending nothing had happen. Do we really study the history of the country and find the reason of the war that emerge and make a critically balance what are the real mistake had happen before the war started. The history recorded the greatest time of the country which will be the priceless value of the country, the nation development and the culture of the country. History can be the best recourse to see what is really underlying on the base that submerge in many time ago. If we are the really a thinker, we study the history, we will find the answer, sometimes history do repeated because people don’t study history, they forget them and repeated the same mistake. Even the smallest thing can be the starting point.

In conclusion, harnessing our skill of thinking by solving unusual problem and carefully analyzing must be done in everyday life. Life is not like a basket of roses, life is full of risk when we are stop thinking. Our brain will sleep and to wake it up again might be time consuming because thinking is a skill that we gain when we do more exercise on it. If we don’t practice the skill we will forget it. It was ungrateful of us if we don’t appreciate the skill that we had develop during our upbringing. Be like a kid that never stop to ask why. If we find that this symptom of brain laziness is eating us day by day, put the stop sign on it. Preventing is better than cure…hee...