Wednesday, April 1, 2009

our family is our precious treasure gifted by God

Everyday our live is busy with the thing that we desired, we plan and we do to make it happened. Nevertheless, sometimes we were forgot and neglecting our family in our plan, and take it for granted. Our family is everything for us, if suddenly we stumble in the middle of the process of achieving the dream, our family will be give their helping hand to us no matter how much we neglect them without the feel of resentment.For family no revenge being count as our blood tie prevent it to happen.

In Islam, we are not be being declared that we are great if our parents as well as our family do not say it so. Imagine, even we are the best student in college, graduated from the best university with first class honors, got the wonderful job, and excel in our career, but we are not enough great if our family do not give that compliment. See! how precious and important the treasure that we keep around us even though we cant be a rich man by having them yet more than enough to make us being bless by God because we keep them well by putting them in our plan. =)